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23 Jul 15

There are two books I published on Netaji. One was the story of Anand Mohan Sahay, who spoke not a word on the man himself but much about all that made Netaji’s reputation in South Asia.
The other book is the perennial seller ‘The Search for Netaji’. When the book first came as a proposal I smiled when the author said I was brave in taking it up. Then came the veiled (and not so veiled) threats to stop the publication. The book sells with no promotion. But what amazes me is that the efforts to keep the book down, continues. So much so that even a net seller (big as they are) suddenly removed the book from its list and refused to say why. O well, child of controversy, the author Purabi Roy, is never surprised at what people do to try to stop its sales. More about her later.

What has amazed me was the purely accidental balancing of perspectives that the two books offer on Netaji. Although one is autobiographical and the hard core academic with a detective fiction like exciting disclosure. One gives us why Netaji was who he was among the Indian diaspora. The other explains why Netaji was so thoroughly vanished but not vanquished from independent India.

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