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19 Dec 16
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I should hire out my mind to those who conduct polls. Because if anyone instinctively reflects the aam-janta mood, view and opinions; it is I. When Modi started the demoniac demonetization phase – I stood up and applauded and more fool I. Like the rest of poor Indian fools, I thought all right, someone has made an effort to curb black money, counterfeit money and corruption.


Now, it is only a few days to go for what Modi had claimed to end the dharm-yudh or the 30th December end date, yet the cash crunch continues. Where oh where is the gain that husky voiced enabler of cleanliness had sworn will be there after a few days of pain? Where is the much vaunted gain? The queues outside ATMs show no signs of thinning. Few are the ones who wish to enjoy their celebration, for money is just not available. Of course, there are the pals of the BJP stalwarts who continue to celebrate their extraordinary lives with vomit inducing show of wealth. On the whole in cities, movies, restaurants, malls or theatre/ dance shows have fewer audiences; business is down – really down. In villages people use daily transport – on credit, markets sell – on credit, overnight performances have just gone off the social calendar, no more shows whether religious or social. I am not an industrialist, but I fear that Industrial well being is no longer possible; I hear from industrialists that it will take at least another five years to recover – if they at all recover.


As I was saying, my anger now reflects the aam-janta rage. People are beginning to be enraged at the inability to lay their hands on their own money. And every time I, like all Indians, who hear the husky voiced ‘Mitroan …’ switch off the TV, radios or wherever it is being broadcast. Who knows what other patriotic measures are about to be announced to devastate us poor, so called unpatriotic Indians? Perhaps it is better to swallow whatever new bitter pill is doled out with the morning newspapers the next day.


I don’t remember ever hearing or reading of such fake recession in an economy which was poised to take off in a spectacular manner, as it is in India. Yes Venezuela is threatened with the destruction of their Bolivar – but then the state has been diseased for a while. And then there is just about to be Nazi Germany where the economic situation was so poor that cash bonfires became common. But India?


We too are gradually getting used to living in a society where the Indian version of brown shirted folk goes about irrevocably curing the unpatriotic by insult and assault. That too is happening. Teesta Setelvad, Shabnam Hashmi, sundry Christian and Muslim NGOs have been told to furnish personal details of their board members and subsequently, not finding anything wrong; their FCRA permits were revoked. Once upon a time the constitution of India had pronounced us to be a secular country where all religions were equal in the eyes of law.


I wonder if democracy will survive in India. The opposition is toothless. They could not get a man who is a towering narcissist (just his sartorial taste in pin stripes should tell us that) to spell out what is the gain we are to have in what time in this Demoniac Demonetization Decision. Rahul Baba threatens he will create an earthquake in parliament by speaking of the DDD’s inventor’s personal corruption – but the parliament does not function because all proceedings are stalled everyday.


Only one Jay Panda has offered not to take his Rs. 2000/- a day payment for the days lost in stalling parliament. But how many such persons are there in parliament?

We are ruled by the severely differently abled minds, whose morals are jaded and whose every decision is shaped by a think tank whose EQ levels are suspect.


Someone had said ‘weep dear country’. – yes, we may have squeezed out every tear drop but Humans, Indians in particular are capable of much before being pushed to rebel. Instead, we laugh and continue electing clowns, because who does not want a good laugh?


And by the way, if anyone is interested in hiring my mind, I am giving my views without a cost because I reflect the aam-janta view.

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