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Sahishnu Pashan

Atique Rahimi

Translated from the French  The Patience Stone
Introduction by Khaled Hosseini 
It is to Atiq Rahimi's credit that his heroine is no saint suffering quietly in purdah.  Nor is she much of a heroine.  As the woman's one-way discourse with her presumably unconscious husband goes on, the layers are peeled back, revelations come forth, and what emerges is the portrait of a complex and nuanced human being.  Rahimi's heroine is brave, resilient, a devout mother, but she is also flawed in fundamentally human ways, a woman capable of lying, manipulating, of being spiteful, a creature that, pushed hard enough, bares her teeth.



ISBN 978-81-88908-05-9

Hardbound - 120.00