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In the 80s I was going around doing street theatre protesting against patriarchy and championing for the equal rights for women. I had decided in my mind that all women are friends and all men, the opposite of that in the patriarchal traditional society I lived in. Of course life […]

India: Feminism and After

The papers reported Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen saying that the systematic confrontation between two communities, is a recent happening coinciding with the BJP win in some states. About ten plus or more years ago the veteran Communist Indrajit Gupta stood up in Parliament and said every time the BJP […]

In Our Name

aam-janta     I should hire out my mind to those who conduct polls. Because if anyone instinctively reflects the aam-janta mood, view and opinions; it is I. When Modi started the demoniac demonetization phase – I stood up and applauded and more fool I. Like the rest of poor […]

Aam Junta

Was it two years ago when we were promised better days? Better days with promised manna from abroad in the form of black money. Then two days ago Modi finally did something to better our chances at living a civilized life. He did what was the real surgical attack, not […]

Indian Economy Modified / USA Trumped

Seventy years of freedom are too long for many living in the fringes of urban India. There are a few who champion their cause and are arrested, even under the British birthed anachronistic sedition law. For instance, in Kashmir there is no attempt to talk with the civil society, instead […]


I have been meaning to write for the few who read my blog, but how soon the days pass, how small is the time measured in 24 hours. Meanwhile the drought claimed far too many lives and finally a political decision was made to send water – too late for […]

How soon

As the world becomes smaller, the distance between individuals increases – or so it seems to me. No sooner had Paris or San Bernardino happened, we knew of it. We have begun to look askance at strangers; particularly those of a certain skin colour, from certain countries and belonging to […]

Marauding Bliss instead

Of the entire range of ancient world Epics in the oral tradition, I enjoy the Mahabharata the most. It tells many great tales, is sophisticated, perfect in structure and formatting and is, in my opinion a living breathing story that grows each day. In the towns and villages of India, […]

What we believe in…

Some of the best Literature in India came from the displaced persons yearning for the homeland they left behind as refugees in India. It is also a fact that it is the refugee in India who made spectacular successes of their lives. But then it is not only India, but […]


I don\t know how the ancient Greeks reacted to Medea especially when it was staged in the amphitheatres with burning torches sending long shadows in the dusk and the masks and stilts creating horror on horror. But now that we are being confronted by another Medea day in and out […]

Ancient Greek redux