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There are two books I published on Netaji. One was the story of Anand Mohan Sahay, who spoke not a word on the man himself but much about all that made Netaji’s reputation in South Asia. The other book is the perennial seller ‘The Search for Netaji’. When the book […]


A fiery book has been released by an author, Saikat Majumdar who teaches in USA and who had once written for ‘Akash Patra’ our e-zine. The book of fiction is about a ten year old with a mother who acts in Theatre in Bengal. I remember years back when I […]

Women now

When Bryan and I first made our site active we had what we called the ‘Akash Patra’. Literally meaning letters by the sky. It was pretty effective. The editor was Shekher Das, now a well known film-maker. We got incredible response. People wrote in from all corners of the world. […]

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