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Indian Economy Modified / USA Trumped

12 Nov 16
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Was it two years ago when we were promised better days? Better days with promised manna from abroad in the form of black money. Then two days ago Modi finally did something to better our chances at living a civilized life. He did what was the real surgical attack, not the Israelite version of it in Pakistan. He suddenly banned the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. Hallelujah!


Like most Indians I was wondering how the parallel economy could be stopped. That the Government could do this is for me and many an Indian a wonderful feat – whatever the motivations.


Finally the two years of bragging, bore fruit. People are saying that the real black money is still abroad. Perhaps. But the real black money for me is the money spent by the masters of the game to be seen at malls and other public places who buy impossibly expensive things with cash. It had become so much an accepted way of life that no one looked askance when couple of hundred thousands was spent on an afternoon jaunt to buy anything from art to meals and much else by the way. I felt embarrassed at the money counters when I had to pay my bills legitimately by debit or credit cards.


This is besides the fact that counterfeit cash was being used all the time, everywhere. This is particularly specific to not-very-well-to-do sons of the soil who come in from border areas. So some problems yes, to be sure, but a great job done. And those political groups, who are protesting loud, obviously have their ill gotten wealth ready at hand to influence votes. I can’t help but feel gleeful that the economy is Modified.


What is happening in USA, though? Friends who are born in the US or have moved there are devastated. I never thought that someone I enjoyed viewing as the buffoon-on-the-TV has actually been elected to be the President of USA. Intelligent friends are seriously considering moving to Canada. Others are saying that this is the man who first began speaking of rigging – therefore, he must have rigged the votes. But I think the most telling piece cam from my fiend Alison who is now in Laos. She says – ‘… this is the Kali Yuga … (when)only one quarter of virtue remains, men turn to wickedness …all creatures degenerate … without exception.’  This is the sort of thing persons who are completely hopeless say to explain their feelings of hopelessness. Never before have riots occurred to protest the election. Never before have American born with Asian fathers and Mexican mothers worried that they may not be allowed back into USA, after their long trip in Asia. Never before, and this I feel strongly about, have women felt shattered the world over that a woman was not allowed to be the President of USA.


Whereas one woman, Angela Merkel has taught the world how to demonstrate empathy (and is of course paying for it), by welcoming refugees – another buffoon-on-TV is speaking of throwing out thousands of immigrants / refugees. John Lennon had asked us to imagine a world where there are no boundaries.  The Bauls of Bengal sing of there being no Masters but the Ones. All I can say is please let the Kali Yuga end and we no longer need to be Trumped or Modified.

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  1. Alison November 22, 2016 at 2:51 pm Reply

    First of all I hope that I’m your friend and not your “fiend” although it might be amusing to be a fiend. I felt a myriad of emotions on the day that Trump was elected including a dark feeling of hopelessness. Since that time my spirit has been lifted, oddly enough, by the fact that as only a little over half of the voting population cast a vote this means that we are only sure that about 26% of American people actually voted for him. Since we are moving out of the Kali Yuga I can only hope that people will come to their senses in 2020.

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