101 Bengali Recipes - Traditional Fare for the Modern Cook

101 Bengali Recipes – Traditional Fare for the Modern Cook

by Babli Mukerji
ISBN: 978-81-87330592

A vibrant state with a fascinating culture, West Bengal boasts of a rich history and heritage due to the many civilisations and settlements which have left their footprint here. From the Himalayas in the north to the Sunderbans in the south; one thing unites all of Bengal and that is its varied and flavourful cuisine. In this land of rivers and rice fields, fish and rice is the obvious fare that all Bengalis are passionate about.

101 Bengali Recipes: Traditional Fare for the Modern Cook is a collection of Babli Mukerji's finest recipes which were handed down to her by her grandmother and mother. Mukerji has simplified the recipes a bit to suit the present day generation without compromising on its taste. These recipes are with minimum of fuss and maximum of flavour with easy-to-follow steps. Now experience the authentic flavours of Bengal with favourites, both classic and contemporary, such as dhokar dalna (Bengal gram squares in curry), paturi (fish wrapped in banana leaves and grilled), mutton kosha (simple mutton curry), luchi (deep-fried flour bead), natunr gurer payesh (rice in thickened milk sweetened with jaggery) and many more.

With a comprehensive introduction followed by basic preparations essential in Bengali cooking, this book brings the food delights of Bengal home to your table. You may take a Bengali out of Bengal but you cannot take the love of banglar ranna (cooking) out of the Bengali heart! 101 Bengali Recipes: Traditional Fare for the Modern Cook, a must-have book for not only Bengalis but for all lovers of good food.

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