Buriganga to Yamuna

by Satyabrata Basu

These are sketches from the author's childhood on the banks of the Buriganga in now Bangladesh to his early adult days in Delhi by the Yamuna river

Paperback<br/ >ISBN: 978-81-88908-15-8

Price: INR120.00

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Stirring Times


by Anand Mohan Sahay

This is a rediscovery of the stirring times and popular history through the life of a Gandhian who spent years in Japan fighting for India's freedom and later under Netaji's INA (Indian National Army).<br/ >Includes excerpts from Asha's Diary by Bharati Choudhry.

Hardbound<br/ >ISBN: 978-81-88908-03-5

Price: INR490.00

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The Search for Netaji: New Findings

by Dr. Purabi Roy
ISBN: 978-81-88908-07-3

This book is the result of years of academic research by Dr. (Professor) Purabi Roy and aims to understand one of the pervading puzzles of independent India - what happened to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?

Despite reports by three different Indian governments (1956, 1974 and 2006) to settle the question of the reported death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at the Taihoku airport in Formosa (Taipei) in 1945, the question of exactly how this elusive Bengali actually died is yet to have a definitive answer.

Dr. Purabi Roy used her extensive Russian language skills to translate primary sources that may shed new light on the mystery of Netaji's death. Her aim was not to form a conclusion but to lay out all the documents from Russian, British and Indian archives for further analysis. For anyone who loves history and a good mystery, the book is both illuminating and thought provoking.

Also available in mobi e-book format for $4.99

Book Reviews

Whatever happened to Netaji? Apratim Mukarji | June 11, 2011

Prof Dr Purabi Roy, formerly of the Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University, who has pursued the mystery of Netaji’s death for over fifteen years and has finally come out with this startling publication, makes a very pertinent comment referring to the ATM: “It would be of immense importance had the government made a statement explaining the reasons behind its disagreement with the findings of the (Mukherjee) Commission, (a) Netaji did not die in the plane crash, and (b) the ashes in the Renkoji Temple were not of Netaji. But there was no such statement, and thus the issue still remains unresolved. The debates and controversies still continue.”

Price: INR450.00

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