Books for Tata Steel

Forever Jeh!

by Surekha Tenneti Venugopal

This book contains personal reminiscences of those who had met and dealt with the towering figure of modern Indian industry, JRD Tata.

Hardbound<br/ >ISBN: 81-88908-12-6

Price: INR495.00

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One Hundred Years Flow The Kharkei Swarnarekha

by D. K. Marandi

The book is a study of the years of association between the Adivasis and Tata Steel and the fascinating marriage of the traditional and the contemporary

Paperback<br/ >ISBN: 978-81-88908-04-2

Price: INR1,300.00

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The Romance of Tata Steel

This is the Bengali translation of the author's seminal work The Romance of Tata Steel that gives the fascinating history of the industry that was carved out of jungles and rocks.

ISBN: 978-81-88908-06-6

Now available in Odia!

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Price: INR1,300.00

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