Short Stories

K. C. Verma

Having retired in 2010 as Chief of the R&AW, India's external intelligence agency, the author is now a full-time writer. This charming collection of short stories is a treat to read. Fascinating in their simplicity, the well-crafted stories belong to many genres with the common threads of human emotions and passions running through them. They tell of love and misunderstandings, of deceit and of murder. The stories are amusing, moving and, sometimes, maybe just a bit embarrassing – stories that you wouldn't tell your mother!

Joy in the Sundarbans

The Life Plus 2 Meters project is devoted to helping people prepare for life in a climate-changed world where sea levels are 2 2meters higher, weather patterns have shifted, storms have grown stronger,food systems are strained, and so on.

The edited volume - the second in the series - presents 34 visions by 34 authors. These visions take place in the future, but they are anchored in our present.

We authors believe that adaptation is most effective when it most effective when it anticipates change rather than reacting to it. We hope our visions help you imagine how climate change might impact life in your home and our world. Please share this book (or at least its message) with your friends, family and community, to build a consensus around cooperation and adaptation. We humans have cooperation to thank for our current civilization, and cooperration will be the key to our common future.